Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC080  (RS2WC080)

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Features and benefits

Exceptional data protection Supports data redundancy using SAS or SATA hard disk drives through mirroring and parity (RAID levels 1, 5) plus striping capability for spans (RAID levels 10, 50).
Essential performance without relying on system resources LSI* SAS2008 IOC technology with hardware RAID capability and an x8 PCI Express* Generation 2 host interface enhances the performance of server and workstation applications.
Inside-the-box design flexibility With a true MD2 form factor, this adapter is ideal for low-profile height and half-length adapter slots. Eight internal 6 Gb/s SAS ports allow connection to 6Gb/s or 3Gb/s high-performance SAS drives, high-capacity SATA drives or a combination of both.
Enhanced entry-level availability The Intel RAID Controller RS2WC080 design is based on LSI MegaRAID Entry* technology which offers the same robustness and many of the same features as trusted LSI MegaRAID technology*. Configuration options are simplified for entry-level usage models.
Seamless migration to more fully featured RAID The Intel RAID Controller RS2WC080 shares common drivers with enterprise-class Intel® RAID products which allows for simple migration to more full-featured RAID-on-Chip (ROC)-based products should system requirements change.

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