New NVIDIA Quadro with 3D Application Performance & Capability by PNY professional graphic


NVIDIA Quadro K420 (VCQK420-PB)

NVIDIA Quadro K620 (VCQK620-PB)

NVIDIA Quadro K2200 (VCQK2200-PB)

NVIDIA Quadro K4200 (VCQK4200-PB)

NVIDIA Quadro K5200 (VCQK5200-PB)


New Product line, 360 and 3D Product Photography Equipment by Ortery

Create Product Shots with Pure White Backgrounds. Featuring dimmable LED lights and computer-controlled capability.


2D PhotoBench 160 (2DPB-160)            3D PhotoBench 60 (3DPB-60)             3D PhotoBench 260 (3DPB-260)

2D PhotoBench 260 (2FPB-260)            3D PhotoBench 160 (3DPB-160)


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